Interview with Vinay Asthan, VETS, Inc. about being Agile and using ScrumWorks Pro in the Codesion Cloud

November 17, 2011 Nick Bell

Today we are very pleased to share with you that ScrumWorks Pro (SWP) in the Codesion Cloud is no longer in beta and is now generally available and fully supported. (Read the Press Release here) Congratulations to the Codesion Engineering Dudes on another fine effort and display of brilliant engineering.  A big thanks to all the beta customers who provided some great testing and feedback to help us deliver SWP GA.  ScrumWorks Pro is now included in our Agile Business and Agile Enterprise plans or Try it FREE for 30 days.

Vets Logo We are also really happy to share with you some insight into one of our customers Agilepracticing customers who uses ScrumWorks Pro, Vinay Asthan from Veterans Enterprise Technology Solutions, Inc., who was an early adopter of ScrumWorks Pro in the Codesion Cloud.

Codesion: What is your role at Veterans Enterprise Technology Solutions?

VA: I am working as a Technical Lead for the Veterans ChampVA ESI project.

Codesion: How many people are there in your development team?

VA: Vets Development teams have over 100+ members, my team is a team of 15 members. I have divided the team into two teams. First team is 8 members, and the second team has 7 members. I am the Scrum Master on both the teams

Codesion: What kind of development projects are you responsible for?

VA: Vets, Inc. is involved in developing applications supporting Veterans Affairs. The Applications vary from Complete solutions, to developing the Front End or Back End Processing

Codesion:  What development methodologies do you practice?

VA: Vets has implemented Scrum for the ChampVA ESI application development.

Codesion: How long have you been practicing Agile for?  How mature are your Agile practices?

VA: I have been practicing Agile since 2008. I think my Agile/Scrum practice is pretty mature. I am a Certified Scrum Master.

Codesion: What differences have you noticed since adopting Agile practices?

VA: Better team communications and goal oriented efforts – resulting in better productivity.

Codesion:What are your goals for your team when it comes to Agile for the next 12 months?

VA:  We are planning to complete two product increments (6 months each) in the coming 12 months. We are just getting started.

Codesion: Why did you choose ScrumWorks Pro on Codesion as your Agile project management solution?

VA: It started out when I was looking for a team collaboration tool for the team following Scrum. I tried the trial version of Codesion, and it seemed like a perfect fit. The team is happy using the tool, as it is very easy to use. The product owner is happy as they get to see the progress by the team.

Codesion: What other products did you compare with ScrumWorks Pro? 

VA: VersionOne and Microsoft Team Foundation Server.

Codesion:  What recommendations would you make to your industry peers when looking for an Agile project management solution?

VA: I will highly recommend Codesion, as Scrumworks is a great tool to manage any Scrum, including multiple teams – very easy to use. Additionally, Codesion also provides access to Bugzilla, a nice defect tracking system. Pricing model is also just right, fits our and most small and mid-size businesses. It does not break the bank with the subscription based model.

Codesion: What other applications/services are you using or plan to use on the Codesion Cloud Platform?

VA: Bugzilla, and probably SVN.

Codesion:  Thanks Vinay for sharing and happy Scrumming!

Learn more about ScrumWorks Pro on Codesion here.

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