Is DevOps a Market or a Philosophy? Find out in This Complimentary Gartner Report from CollabNet

January 12, 2017 CollabNet Team

Thanks to digital business, DevOps adoption is now an essential part of enterprise software development and delivery, according to the research firm Gartner, Inc.

Gartner analysts expect a majority of large enterprises looking to scale Agile during the next five years to recognize the need for DevOps initiatives, but the adoption may not look the way many of us expected.

DevOps should not be seen as a market, but rather a philosophy and toolset to support Agile, automation, and collaboration, and many independent initiatives will fall under this umbrella between now and 2020.

Market Trends: DevOps — Not a Market, but a Tool-Centric Philosophy That Supports a Continuous Delivery Value Chain, which was written by analysts Laurie F. Wurster, David Paul Williams, and Thomas E. Murphy, includes DevOps market-size projections and a list of DevOps toolchain vendors and where they fit in the software development lifecycle.

We’re making this valuable research document available to you at no cost. Simply use this brief form here to download your copy today. It’s on us, so don’t delay!

After you’ve read the report, take a minute to let us know in the comments section below what you think. Do you agree with Gartner’s predictions? What other important developments in DevOps over the next three years should be taken into consideration?

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