Jump-Start your Corporate Git Initiatives

March 14, 2013 Lothar Schubert

Git is the fastest growing DVCS on the market. No longer restricted to open source projects or hi-tech start-ups, Git has become a serious tool in the arsenal of large enterprises, even in traditionally ,more conservative and regulated industries such as banking/insurance, federal and pharmaceuticals.  Developers love the fast merging & branching, and dev managers praise Git’s fit with Agile, collaborative software design principles. The often strategic importance of mobile (Android, iOS) technologies further is accelerating the demand for Git.

Due to its power and flexibility, Git can be intimidating at first for some developers. It has its fair share of horror stories in the blogosphere (lost code, code repositories with integrity compromised, private keys disclosed in public repositories etc.). More often than not, these instances speak more to the power of Git, rather than its shortcoming – while also highlighting the critical importance of governance and educating users.

CollabNet  just announced a new training offering, to jump-start your Git initiatives. (Tweet This!)   Regardless of whether you develop in Java, .Net or Ruby or whether you grew up with Subversion, CVS or ClearCase (or are brand-new to SCM/DVCS) – it does not matter. If you want to learn Git, this training course is for you.  Developers are usually busy building the next great thing, so we purposely kept the training short (8 hours). Training classes are offered worldwide and can be held at a public location near you, or even onsite.

See the agenda and more details here: http://www.collab.net/content/git-developers-enterprise

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