Keep the Mo

January 20, 2011 Andy Powell

Who in your organization runs the best sprint/iteration planning meeting? What is that team’s secret sauce and how are they using agile project management software to support the meeting?

If you’ve caught the agile bug, then you probably have some strong opinions about what should and shouldn’t happen in a sprint planning meeting. One of my biggest concerns is that too many teams don’t maintain the meeting momentum and are now used to painfully slow meetings. Here are some questions to consider for your VersionOne usage that may help stop the insanity:

Would it help to change who is “driving” during sprint planning? Slow data capture is a momentum killer. Hopefully the person driving is efficient. If not, someone please rip the keyboard from their hands!

Would it help to have more people entering data at the same time? I’ve seen two computers work very well. For example, having a tester enter the tests while a developer enter tasks is a good way to divide and conquer.

Would it help to enter less data? Someone out there is entering a task description. I’m sure in some scenarios it is worth capturing that level of detail, but I expect that for the great majority a task description is doing more harm than good, i.e. it’s killing the meeting momentum without adding any value later.

Are you keeping the Mo? What team norms have you created that help sustain it?

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