Leading the way: TeamForge Connector Server first sync platform supporting HP ALM 12

May 5, 2014 selvakumar

Just a couple of weeks after HP launched HP ALM 12, we are proud to announce full support for this version in our sync platform. TeamForge Connector Server 2.3.1 (aka CCF) is the first SLI (software lifecycle integration) platform that officially supports HP ALM 12. HP ALM 12 defects and requirements can be bi-directionally synchronized with CollabNet TeamForge trackers and planning folders. We support the traditional QC desktop client as well as the newly introduced HP ALM web client.

Not related to HP ALM directly but to web clients in general, we noticed that not all of our customers were aware that you can administer CCF completely from its web client (as opposed to the supported desktops). This is why we decided to create some fresh CCF training videos which show our web client in action. As always, those training videos are for free!

You can download the CCF 2.3.1 release here. To upgrade from existing TeamForge Connector version to 2.3.1, follow the upgrade instructions.

The TeamForge Connector Server – Remote Administration video covers remote administration of connector through its different clients, including the Web interface, the CollabNet Eclipse Desktop, the CollabNet Windows Desktop and the REST APIs.

The TeamForge Connector Server – Delegation Support video covers the delegation of tasks via TeamForge permissions and role-based access control.

Detailed CCF 2.3.1 release notes can be found here

Coming up next …

Stay tuned for CCF 2.4 which will bring you plenty of features never seen before in any synchronization platform, including “dry-mode” which enables you to experiment with your graphical field mappings without affecting any real data. Just monitor this blog to get the news first.

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