Lookout Europe! Codesion is Heading Your Way

March 31, 2011 CollabNet VersionOne

Morten Paarup Pho AppsMorten Paarup was recently interviewed by the largest financial newspaper in Denmark, Børsen TV, about how the cloud can help small businesses. Morten is the director of PhoApps where he builds applications for smartphones. He’s also a long-time Codesion customer and gave us a huge shout out during the interview. All we can say is “tak” (Google translate says that’s Danish for thank you).

Morten says that cloud-based services make it easy for small businesses to access advanced systems so they can operate faster and more efficiently with fewer hands. He explains how software companies can save big by switching to Codesion because they don’t have to worry about hosting and maintenance.

We’re flattered (and couldn’t have said it better ourselves).

European Data CenterThis interview came to our attention at a perfect time. We want all of our friends in Europe to be raving fans of Codesion like Morten. So, today we want to announce that we’ll be opening up a Netherlands-based data center in Q2 to help us better serve you. Yes, that means faster access to your repositories, issues and bugs, wiki, and deployment tools.

We’ll let you know when everything is ready, but if you want early access send us an email to join our beta test group.

If you speak Danish, or just want to pretend, check out the video interview online. We’re mentioned about 4:25 in.

Photo credit: OpenStreetMap

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