Major New Subversion Edge Release Available

April 30, 2012 Mark Phippard

Subversion Edge LogoSubversion Edge 3.0 was released over the weekend. This is a significant new release with many new features, a brand new user interface and a number of refinements to the user interface and features.

Let me start with the brand new user interface. You can see the new logo in the top corner of this post, and you can see a new screenshot gallery here which covers a lot of the UI. The new UI is more than a fresh coat of paint, we took the new branding as an opportunity to overhaul the UI itself. The UI is now built on a modern HTML5/CSS3/JavaScript foundation with a responsive design that responds to CSS3 media queries. That means the UI will adjust itself based on the size of your desktop browser, smartphone or tablet. We also updated the navigation by reducing the number of top-level elements and moving some of the existing elements beneath others. This is the first major refactoring of the UI. As we have grown in features release after release, it was time to simplify the navigation and group some of these items with others.

As part of updating the UI to a modern framework, we also consolidated all of our JavaScript usage to the jQuery library. This brings smaller page sizes since all of our JavaScript uses the same library and also brings consistency in areas like modal dialogs where we now have a consistent way to use these across the application. Using jQuery also allowed us to update our display of data in tables to use the excellent jQuery Datatables library. This brings features like fast paging and filtering of table data as well as allowing you to dynamically control the number of table elements you want to see.

I am really excited about the new user interface and I invite you to give this new version a try and let us know what you think.

The most significant new feature we are announcing in this release is the support for backup to the cloud. This exciting new feature is part of the hybrid-cloud strategy that CollabNet is announcing today. With this feature you can connect your Subversion Edge server to CloudForge; enabling you to synchronize your repositories to the cloud and safeguard your data in our data centers. Getting started is a very simple process where you just “set it and forget it”. Pick your repositories, pick your schedule and Subversion Edge does the rest. Of course, restoring repositories from the cloud is just as simple. Once your Subversion Edge server is connected to your CloudForge account, you can create a new repository and browse the cloud to choose an existing repository and have the data pulled down from the cloud to populate the local repository.

Subversion Edge also now allows you to define multiple backup schedules for a repository. This means you could define one schedule to do something like a daily hotcopy backup of your repositories to your local disk or network, and another schedule to do an hourly backup to the cloud. Cloud backups only need to synchronize the changes since it last ran, so it is lightweight and easy to run these backups frequently. We have also made changes to improve the scalability of the local backup jobs such as reducing the number of jobs that run at once and adding intelligence to the jobs so that they are skipped when the repository has not changed since the last backup.

The new user interface and cloud backup are just the big new features, there have been a lot of other improvements made in this release. You can see more information in the wiki here.

Download Subversion Edge 3.0 today and please remember to provide us feedback in our forums or your own blog.

Finally, do not forget to signup to view the exciting announcements that CollabNet is making today. There are two scheduled viewings for these announcements and they will be available for replay later in the week as well.


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