Measuring DevOps Performance To Provide Continuous Improvement

March 10, 2017 Logan Daigle

DevOps is bringing about unprecedented changes in the way that organizations are solving problems and breaking down silos. Organizations are empowering their employees to automate expensive manual processes and utilize the power of cross-functional teams to improve the entire organization’s agility. DevOps is helping to bridge a culture gap and focuses on providing shorter feedback loops and more responsiveness to failure.

But what if we are missing something else here? Do we really know how much all of these process and automation improvements cost? Do we really know if we are improving our products, processes, organizations and DevOps as a whole?

In this talk, you will see why we need to know that we are providing more value, can make good decisions based on risk and are actually improving the quality of our systems. You will see how we should do this and why it will be great for DevOps continuous improvement!

This talk was presented at DevOpsDays Charltotte 2017. DevOpsDays is at the forefront of shared knowledge, collaboration, culture and inclusion of developers, operations and anyone involved with technology.

How to Measure DevOps Performance Webinar



For more on measuring DevOps performance, watch our recent on-demand webinar.

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Logan Daigle

Logan Daigle is a DevOps Coach with VersionOne from Charlotte, NC. He has been involved with providing and implementing DevOps solutions since 2011. He has development and DevOps experience in the military, government, healthcare, retail and finance industries. Logan has a passion for being Agile, doing DevOps well and using agile engineering practices to build, test and deploy software. His experiences have been in support of both Windows and Linux infrastructure, and many tools that are key to the success of applications in both.

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