Meeting the CollabNet Community

May 18, 2009 CollabNet VersionOne

As the new Community Manager for CollabNet, I wanted to say hello and
introduce myself. I come from a 10-year stint at Sun Microsystems, having
worked in their Java forums, on, writing for,
and as developer represenative in Second Life. In working with each of those communities, it was important for me to
understand, communicate with, and represent the developer to the company every
bit as much as representing the company to the community.

The openCollabNet
community is well-established and focused on great projects, such as Subversion and various integrations.
I’ve been impressed with how the members of this community help one another,
and the over all politeness in the discussion forums. Of course, no community
occurs within a vacuum, nor can any company force a community to develop.
Developers, the people, create community through interaction over common
interests, needs, and accomplishments.

As Community Manager, I hope to learn just what those
interests, needs, and accomplishments are, and to discover how CollabNet can
better serve you through the site, the projects, and the interactions of
everyone involved. I am eager to be the bridge between the community and the
company, making sure CollabNet understands how we can help foster this
community, while leveraging the wonderful technologies and social networks
available, and seeing to it that your needs are met so that you can accomplish
the development that you need to do in less time with less fuss.

In order to understand you better, I welcome hearing from
you, discovering how you interact with the CollabNet community, what areas
you’d like to see grow, what improvements you hope to see on the site, and ways
we can help you be involved with open source projects. I look forward to
encouraging and promoting a thriving community, and meeting the important
people involved . . . you.

If you're not familiar wtih openCollabNet, or it’s been a
while since you last visited, I’d like to encourage you to visit, see if there
are areas you can get involved in, and let me know how I can help initiate

Dana Nourie, dnourie @, (no spaces when you write
the email address)

Community Manager


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