Momentum and Stickiness

October 6, 2008 CollabNet VersionOne

Those who know me know that I love analogies. Whenever I try to explain what it is I do or train new employees, I seem to always rely on analogies.

When we consult our customers on Scrum transformations, we are often quizzed about the stickiness of the transformation as a means to justify the ROI of an internal budget approval process.

Often times Scrum transformations stick because we can coach a few internal advocates who push the momentum of the initiative. In turn, the initiative can manifest a tipping point for the organization.

Typical tipping points can be (a) Product Owners seeing the value of ROI analysis or (b) team members being judged on work completed rather than number of hours worked.

Here’s an analogy about momentum from a soccer game I watched a few months ago. We’ve all seen it before: The home team is behind, the fans begin singing and doing the wave, and the coach calls for a popular substitute to come into the game. Three minutes later that substitute passes the ball to another player who in turn scores a goal. The crowd goes wild. The announcers can’t believe the genius of the coaching staff. “The timing. Oh, the timing.” The other team’s heads hang in defeat. The momentum has changed the entire game.

Finding moments like these can potentially create momentum for your initiatives and keep them sticky.

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