Native Kanban Support Added to TeamRooms

February 4, 2016 Terry Densmore

As a consultant with VersionOne for the better part of three years, I would routinely get questions around the fact that TeamRooms in VersionOne did not support Kanban natively. I had to explain to the team, I know you don’t use Scrum but… I know you don’t use a sprint but… I know, I know you don’t have any need for a burndown or a velocity….I know…but aren’t TeamRooms so cool!?!

The reality is TeamRooms have been and will likely continue to be a favorite feature for teams within VersionOne no matter what framework is in place. Kanban teams in the past of course could work just fine in a TeamRoom however there were aspects in the room that that would not help a Kanban team. The Winter 2016 release changes all that introducing native Kanban support in TeamRooms!

Whether the TeamRoom already exists or needs to be created, setting the TeamRoom up to use Kanban is quite easy. All the TeamRoom admin needs to do is update the Team Flow setting in TeamRoom to Kanban. Once this is complete and saved there will be immediate visible changes.

Kanban TeamRoom 2

What! The upper right corner no longer reads NO DATA TO DISPLAY! The burndown chart has been replaced by a useful cumulative flow chart. In fact, all three pieces of Scrum related data have been replaced with cycle time, throughput, and cumulative flow. These metrics are far more useful and the enhancements don’t stop with metrics.

First, the Backlog panel no longer forecasts future sprints. The forecast line now represents what is likely to be completed in future weeks using previous performance throughput week over week. The backlog panel now also represents all work that has not been started.

You’ll notice the None column is missing from the Storyboard panel. This was also a question I was use to get as a consultant: “We use Kanban, can we ditch the None column?
The final change is with the Closed panel. In the past, the Closed panel would display items closed sprint over sprint.  We don’t use sprints…I know I know…so the Closed panel now displays items closed out week over week.

The change in the Winter 2016 release are major improvements for Kanban teams that want to harness the collaborative environment within TeamRooms.

Stay tuned for additional articles on VersionOne’s other Winter 2016 Release products and enhancements.
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