Need a quick fix? Simple solutions to SVN, TeamForge and Git

April 3, 2013 Jesse Yowell

Support sees quite a few issues, and while impossible to solve everything immediately (or through a blog I may be writing), I’ve found some common issues that you may encounter while wrangling code on CloudForge:

– TeamForge login: Do you have a long domain name? While we mention that you must use the ‘domain_username’ structure for logging in, what you might not know is that we’ll truncate login names longer than 32 characters. For example: if I have the organization ‘excellentbusinessorganization’ and my username is ‘jesseyowell’, you will see under the TeamForge login page that your login name may be truncated to something like: ‘excellentbusinessorg_jesseyowell’. An easier way to copy your new login for TeamForge can be found under the ‘Services > TeamForge’ under ‘Quick URLs’

– SVN UUID mismatch:  Sometimes you may see an error like this: “Repository UUID ‘xxxxxxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxxxxxxxxxx’ doesn’t match expected UUID ‘yyyyyyyy-yyyy-yyyy-yyyy-yyyyyyyyyyyy” — This happens when your current local checked out repo doesn’t match the UUIDs on our servers. Maybe you had to move your repository, or create a new one.. whatever the case may be, you can just do a fresh checkout of the repository from CloudForge, and transfer anything you may be currently working on from your old checked out repository.


“My newly created Subversion/Git repo is still unavailable. I’ve deleted it and now I’m unable to recreate it!” — If for whatever reason your newly created repository isn’t available after 10-15 minutes, please do not delete it! This will create extra deletion jobs and slow down the entire process. Behind the scenes, we have creation / deletion scripts that do a lot of the manual legwork of building and tearing down projects and repositories.

If for whatever reason you are unable to get your new repository running, don’t hesitate and contact right away!

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