Need Help? Codesion Expertise Is Now On-Demand

July 29, 2009 Guy Marion

Codesion is lauching new initiatives to help customers make the most of our services and tools– the Codesion Interface, Subversion (SVN), Trac, Bugzilla, and DAV. We know that you are hungry for information and skilled technical assistance. In response, we are taking two initial steps to significantly improve our knowledge base, community expertise, and support services.

Hire a Codesion Expert from Elance 

In early July, we formed the Codesion Experts Group, after having been invited into Elance’s new Expert Groups program. The Codesion Elance Group is a community of service providers who have passed extensive Codesion testing and training. Here you can:

  • Hire qualified Codesion expert consultants to assist your company or team in a range of activities, such as training, setup assistance, integration support (i.e. with Basecamp or FogBugz), and eventually, Codesion API implemenation.
  • Apply to become a Codesion Expert, which requires that you pass our skill test (covers Codesion interface, SVN, Trac, Bugzilla, etc). Then earn consulting fees and develop a track record of expertise in a case by case, transparent manner.

So far, only one professional services firm has qualified as a Codesion Expert – we expect that many more will follow as the word starts to spread. Pricing is fairly set through a standard bidding and user feedback system.

Codesion Knowledge Portal

Codesion will soon launch our Knowledge Portal, replacing our existing Codesion Help Wiki. The new Knowledge Portal includes a powerful search engine, detailed setup assistance, knowledge base articles, best practices, forums, feature requesting services, and an improved email support system.

Customers of our upcoming Enterprise products will gain access to the Premium Knowledge Portal, which includes Codesion Quickstart program, webinar series, and direct contact to our Live Helpdesk.

Do you have other ideas on how we can improve our services? Please comment below.

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