New 13.1.5 Point Release Available

July 7, 2013 CollabNet VersionOne

As we celebrated the 4th of July this past weekend, here are a few interesting tidbits about the holiday:

  • On this day Americans consume approximately 150 million hotdogs
  • In the days leading up to the 4th we spend approximately $5 million importing  American flags from China
  • 200 people on average go to the emergency room everyday with firework-related injuries in the month around the 4th of July

Another interesting tidbit is that, prior to this year’s Independence Day, creating the same bulleted list that you see above in VersionOne would have been far more difficult than it should have been, due to some formatting issues in the Rich Text Controls.  However, with this weekend’s point release, those formatting issues should be a thing of past.  Hope you had a very happy 4th of July!

The full release notes can be seen here:

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