New 13.1 and 13.2 Point Release Available

August 27, 2013 CollabNet VersionOne

If you are someone who watches those silly ghost hunter or other paranormal-type shows often found on TLC, Discovery and The Travel Channel, you might already be familiar with something called the Disappearing Object Phenomenon, or DOP for short.  Typically, DOP involves an object that a person had just been using, but when they go back to use that object again, it is gone.  No matter how hard they try to find it, they can’t, until a few days later when mysteriously the object reappears right where the person had last left it, leaving the person to only wonder what strange and supernatural forces have been at work.

Lest you start believing that you are the victim of DOP, we are happy to announce that we have just published a point release that contains a fix to an issue introduced in the Summer ’13 Release that would reset customized grids back to system defaults.  If you had previously upgraded and you found yourself wondering where that custom column you just added to your view went, wonder no more; as with this point release, your customizations will be restored.

In addition to this fix, we have also included two new Analytics SAFe™ Reporting dashboards, and about a dozen other fixes and improvements.

We also have a 13.1 point release which includes a few fixes as well.

For the full list of everything included, please check out the Release Notes on the VersionOne Community site at

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