New Feature Highlights – The CloudForge Control Panel

August 27, 2012 Patrick Wolf

With the release of CloudForge, there are several new features available to simplify project administration and increase efficiency; features such as email invitations, project search, multi-service provisioning, and the Control Panel. Today I wanted to talk about CloudForge’s new Control Panel.

Residing near the top of CloudForge’s Dashboard, the control panel is one of the first things you see when you log into CloudForge. In fact, once you have familiarized yourself with CloudForge via the Startup Guide and checked your usage quotas you can hide those elements, giving the Control Panel center stage on your Dashboard; exactly where it belongs. The Control Panel is designed to give you one-click access to the most used functions of CloudForge: creating projects, adding services, integrating third-party tools, managing users, importing your repositories, and publishing your code.

CloudForge's Control Panel

Clicking on any of these buttons immediately takes you to corresponding page in CloudForge to complete the desired operation. Creating a new Project takes as few as two mouse clicks. Alternatively, you can click on any of the down arrows on the available buttons to perform a more specific action in fewer steps. Want to add Bugzilla to all of your projects? Simply click on the arrow adjacent to the “Add Service” button, choose Bugzilla, and then “Select All” from the project select page.  Thirty seconds and a few mouse clicks is all it takes to provision a new Service across all of your project teams. This quick provisioning is available for all services that we host on CloudForge as well as all third-party tools that we integrate with.


CloudForge Control Panel Expanded

The “Import” button allows you to quickly import any existing Subversion repository up to 2GB in size via our custom import tool much faster than would be possible with synsync or svnrdump.  The “Publisher” button provides one-click access to the last five recipes deployed to quickly redeploy a new version of your application. Considering the features provided, the Control Panel provides a one-stop shop to pretty much all of the day-to-day activities required of a project administrator. CloudForge’s Control Panel limits the amount of time spent administrating a project and maximizing the time spent actually working on the project.

If you have other suggestions we can add to make you even more efficient in your job, please don’t hesitate to share. Happy coding.




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