New Point Release – VersionOne Mall Map

March 26, 2013 CollabNet VersionOne

Born in Austria, in 1903, Victor David Gruen would later become a successful and famous American architect.  Even if you’ve never before heard his name, chances are you’ve experienced his influence first-hand.   You see, Victor David Gruen is widely considered to be the inventor of those sprawling pantheons to consumer excess and Cinnabun’s, the modern indoor shopping mall.  And although later in life he rejected shopping malls as having “bastardized” his original ideas, we like to think that Gruen would have wholeheartedly approved of his influence on the starring feature in our newest point release.

Spawned from VersionOne’s most recent Hack Week and inspired by those big, colorful, “You Are Here” shopping mall directories, the Site Navigator is a visual navigation control that provides an alternate means of navigating and discovering the VersionOne application.  While the Site Navigator (affectionately referred to as Mall Map) won’t tell you where the nearest Auntie Anne’s Pretzels is, it will give you an easy-to-read and intuitive visual map of the application.  And unlike regular shopping mall directories, our Mall Map will learn your actual usage patterns and refine its display over time to provide you with a truly personalized navigation experience.

Sadly, as Gruen died in 1980, he won’t be able to tell us what he thinks of our latest feature.  Fortunately for us though, you will.  We’re very interested in learning what people think of our Site Navigator and we’d love to hear from you through the ‘Give Feedback’ function that is linked prominently from the page.

In addition to the Site Navigator, this point release also addresses an issue with Excel Export using IE8 found in versions 12.0 – 13.0.

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