New Point Releases Available (11.3 – 13.1)

May 13, 2013 CollabNet VersionOne

Born in France in 1946, André René Roussimoff was a man who would forever change the lives of those who knew him.  At 7 feet 4 inches tall and weighing in at 475 pounds, Roussimoff was known around the world as the wrestling superstar, André the Giant.

Despite the violent nature of his chosen profession, André was known by those who knew him outside the wrestling cage as someone whose compassion and generosity easily exceeded the scale of his otherwise intimidating size.  As an example of his generosity, André was known for his insistence on always paying for his companion’s meals, and his refusal to allow others to pay for him, even when he was the guest.  This trait was once discovered by Arnold Schwarzenegger, who after attempting to discreetly pay for André’s meal, found himself being physically carried from the restaurant by André and deposited on the roof of his car.

Another equally generous giant is our latest point release.  While André’s gigantism was a result of Acromegaly, our point release is a giant because of the fact that it spans 7 releases and is chock full of new fixes and features.

And while our point release won’t insist on buying your lunch, even the Govenator would have a hard time arguing the generosity of the enhancements made to Conversations Usability; Ideas and Conversations email notifications; and Epic filter and Epic Timeline administration features.

Additionally, we’ve added in a new Hosted Support contact list feature, going all the way back to 11.3, so that we will know exactly who to contact any time we need to communicate with our customers regarding any planned outages or service disruptions.

On top of all this, we’ve included Datamart performance enhancements and several defect fixes — some going all the way to back to 11.3.  The only thing that’s missing is the signature black wrestling singlet.

Visit the VersionOne Community Site to view the latest release notes.


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