New Spring 2014 Point Release – 14.1.6

July 11, 2014 CollabNet VersionOne

Earlier this week, the German football machine exposed gaps in the Brazilian defense. World Cup viewers around the globe were stunned at the precision of the attack and the inability of the Seleção to do anything to slow it down. In the end, the ”Six minutes of nightmares” was more than enough time for the Germans to remove any doubt as to the result of the game, leaving the hour remaining on the clock for Brazilian fans to try unsuccessfully to wake themselves up from their frightful dream.

Unintended gaps in Activity Stream processing are quite the opposite in the sense that they *do* slow down the updates to the Activity Stream. While these gaps didn’t generate quite as many tears worldwide, they did cause noticeable delays in very large systems. We are quite happy to report relief in the form of this point release – 14.1.6.

Olé, Olé, Olé…

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