New Winter 14.0.6 Point Release Available

March 13, 2014 CollabNet VersionOne

As you’re all probably aware, St. Patrick’s Day is only a few short days away.  On this day that celebrates the most commonly recognized patron saint of Ireland, it is estimated that American revelers alone will rack up a staggering $255 million bar tab.  With that much alcohol being consumed, it’s pretty safe to assume that more than a few inhibitions will be misplaced that day.  Fortunately, this St. Patrick’s day, VersionOne has got your back.  While we won’t be able to help with the aforementioned misplaced inhibitions, we will be able to help with misplaced child epics and stories.

For this weekend’s 14.0 point release, new alert has been added when an epic’s children appear to be misaligned. When an epic is dragged into a release and the epic contains children (epics and/or backlog) that are in some other release/project, the system alerts the user and provides an option to unite all of the epics’ child items in the same release into which the epic has been moved.  In addition to this, we’ve got 10 new defect and performance fixes for you as well.  We’ve also got a 13.3 point release as well.  As always, check out the release notes on the community site to get all the details.

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