New Workshops! Achieving Enterprise Agility with CI, CD, and DevOps

September 16, 2014 CollabNet VersionOne

Join CollabNet at one of our upcoming Live workshops coming to all major cities across the US.

This CI, CD and DevOps workshop lays out Agile principles, engineering and management practices to enable rapid delivery of high quality, valuable new functionality using the most popular open source development tools with CollabNet TeamForge.

With the adoption of Git/Gerrit, Subversion, Jenkins,Chef, Nexus and Artifactory, you are challenged with scaling agility across an enterprise interwoven with a complex heterogeneous mix of tools and processes.  How do you reign in all these disparate systems and scale your Agile successes, while allowing your teams the flexibility to choose the tools and processes that make them successful?

Through automated build, automated release, deployment, and testing process, and improved collaboration between all key stakeholders (e.g., developers, testers, operations, delivery teams) we can show you how organizations are getting changes released in a matter of hours—sometimes even minutes—no matter what the size of a project or complexity of tools and processes — SCMs, build and release tools, or the complexity of code bases.

For a list of upcoming workshops, visit our events page:

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