New Year, New Dashboard Flow

February 8, 2013 Patrick Wolf

2013 is off to a blazing start here at CloudForgeHQ and we have quite a few exciting new things coming your way this year.  As you know, we ended support for the user interface at in January, consolidating all new and existing customers onto CloudForge.  (Don’t worry, all of your existing service links on Codesion will continue to function, you just need to manage them from CloudForge.)  We are now focusing all of our attention on rapidly deploying new features on CloudForge, incorporating as much user feedback as possible.

The first of these changes rolled-out this week on our Dashboard.  Previously, all account owners were presented with an Account Overview at the top of the Dashboard, providing an instant status update of their accounts. Although this Account Overview section could be quickly minimized to bring the Control Panel to the top of the Dashboard, most of our users wanted the Control Panel at the top by default.  Don’t forget, you can completely hide the Quick Start guide once you are familiar with its content.

Now, once the Quick Start Guide has been hidden, the Control Panel owns the top spot in our Dashboard allowing you to quickly and efficiently perform any task on your projects.  The Project List and Activity Feed follow the Control Panel up the ladder to the top of the page giving you a complete view of available actions, projects, and activities in your account.  The Account Overview block remains on the Dashboard (visible only to account owners) but it has moved to the bottom of the page.

At the end of the day, it’s more important to get work done first and then review your account as time allows.  We hope this change makes our site more intuitive and makes you more efficient.

Dashboard Changes

Streamlined Dashboard


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