Oops I Did it Again… Maybe My Story Really is an Epic

October 25, 2012 VersionOne

This is something I hear quite often from the Product Owners I speak with.  Initially they captured their stories (aka features, requirements, backlog, etc.) thinking  that it was at a reasonable size for the team to work on.  However, as time goes by the Product Owner realizes that this single piece of work is too large to be consumed in a single iteration.

“Oh no!  Am I going to have to delete my Story from VersionOne? Do I create an Epic and copy/paste all the original information from the Story?  There has to be an easier way!”

Well there is!  Your friends at VersionOne know that this scenario pops up so we’ve provided a simple solution specifically for this.  See the screenshots below:


  • On your Story select the “Breakdown Epic” option from the drop-down
  • Capture any additional data you need before confirming your Epic
  • Now since an Epic has been generated you can edit and add Child Stories which you want associated to the Epic

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