Open API this…Open API that…BIG DEAL right?

April 19, 2011 CollabNet VersionOne

Well it kind of is! There has been a lot of “hoopla” around VersionOne’s Open API and how it provides users unlimited possibilities to use the data within their application.  VersionOne’s Open API allows users to query both past and present data that exists within VersionOne.

This data can be used for various reasons including (but not limited to):

  • Providing team members and management specific data that matters to them
  • Predictive reporting and analysis based on current trend
  • Ability to export query results directly to Excel (when using IE)

I know I know…right now you’re probably thinking to yourself“That’s all fine and dandy but give me some specifics!”

Well get ready to be amazed!


A very popular feature we have within VersionOne is Release Forecasting.  Release Forecasting allows the Product Owner to input the team’s current velocity and remaining estimates to determine a projected end date for that release.

“Well that sounds interesting, but my team is (new to agile, or still need to get best agile practices in place) which results in scope changing on a consistent basis each iteration, so Release Forecasting won’t completely work for me.”


You’re right; due to the consistent scope change per iteration you may not have a clear understanding of the projected end date by using the Release Forecasting alone.  To that I say; “Never fear, because the OPEN API is HERE!” The following steps show how the API would help in this situation:

  • Use the API to query the total estimate for the past 3-4 iterations, by specifying the start date for each iteration
  • Export the results to Excel
  • Do some basic mathematical calculations to determine the rate of scope change, obtain a projected total estimate based on that rate, use the teams velocity to determine the end date

Case in point…VersionOne’s Open API provides you the resources needed to obtain data that is most important to you.  Get more in depth information on VersionOne’s Open API.

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