Pre-Commit Web Hooks Now Available

October 25, 2010 Willie Wang

Many customers have expressed their requirement to perform certain actions prior to developers checking-in their code.  For example:

  • Validate certain commit messages, such as a Trac or other ticket system ID
  • Validate that the files added follow a specific file naming convention

Based on these validations, we can setup rules to accept or reject these commits. We’ve now made this possible for all customers with pre-commit web hooks. Here’s how it works:

1) Log into your Codesion account and choose the “Services” tab, then “Subversion – Commit Hooks

2) Select “Pre-Commit Web Hook” and enter your script URL, for example:

  • this is the HTTP(s) URL that you want to send the commit information to

3) Select the Timeout between 5 seconds and 5 minutes

  • this determines how long we wait for a response from your HTTP script

4) Select the Default Action to deny or allow the commit

  • if we did not get a response from your script, in other words, it timed out, then the default action determines whether to deny or allow commit

5) Once a user performs a commit to the SVN repository, Codesion will send the commit information to your URL

6) The commit will either be denied or allowed based on your custom pre-commit script

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