Reactions to Agile TeamRoom and the Fall Release

November 9, 2012 CollabNet VersionOne

Yesterday we announced our Fall Release including the new Agile TeamRoom environment created just for agile teams, and the response has been overwhelmingly positive!

We saw record participation in the first of 3 live demo webinars. Attendees were particularly stoked about TeamRoom, a dedicated team-based environment that gives developers the simplicity they need to focus on building great software. In addition to the new workitem visualization enhancements, they were excited about the ability to customize the TeamRoom environment for each team — including avatars for team members, a team mascot, customized team views of information and a “river of news” highlighting most recent activities.

Following the webinar, we heard things like:

“Thank you, very good! It seems the best release ever! Very satisfied!”

“This release looks awesome!!!”

If you’ve got some space on your calendar, why not check out one of the remaining sessions November 13th or 20th? Be sure to check back and let us know what you think.

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