Real Men of Agile Genius Sweepstakes

June 1, 2010 CollabNet VersionOne

Today marks the launch of our Real Men of Agile Genius Sweepstakes. The concept is a pretty easy one to understand:

  1. Watch a video that the folks at VersionOne made
  2. Answer a stupidly easy question about the video
  3. Be entered to win stupidly awesome prizes
  4. Tell friends about it to get more chances to win

GRAND PRIZE:  One grand prize winner will receive an Apple iPad.

2ND PRIZES:  Three second place winners will receive a Flip HD video camera.

3RD PRIZES:  Ten third place winners will receive their choice of a cool agile t-shirt.

Go to to learn more, watch the video and enter.

More Info about the Sweepstakes
The grand prize is an Apple iPad, so one could argue that this is a truly magical and revolutionary sweepstakes! Other prizes include HD Flip video cameras and t-shirts from Just for entering, you get a 25% discount code for the only e-commerce store dedicated to agile stuff for your team.

Sweepstakes FAQ
Q: Why is it called a sweepstakes?
A: By law we have to call it a sweepstakes, not a contest – ask the lawyers. Oh, and you have to be at least 18 to enter.

Q: Real Men of Agile Genius??? What’s up with the gender bias?
A: The video is a parody of a popular beer commercial, not a reflection on genders within agile software development, agile teams or the workplace in general.

Q: If I win the grand prize, will my life actually change due to the magical and revolutionary nature of the iPad?
A: That’s between you and Steve Jobs.

Q: Can I enter more than once?

A: No, but we do give you the chance to get more sweepstakes entries by telling people about it via Twitter, forums and other means. Learn more about that in the confirmation email after you enter. Don’t even try to enter more than once via the main form. Bad karma will follow you wherever you go.

Q: Can you think up any more irreverent yet slightly useful FAQ questions to make this blog post longer?
A: Nope, we’re done — although there are sweepstakes rules that are linked to from the sweepstakes page.

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