ScrumWorks 5 is available for download

July 12, 2011 CollabNet VersionOne

I am happy to announce that ScrumWorks Pro 5 is available for download today. It’s been about eight months in the making and my team is excited to share what’s been keeping us busy.  Do you long for the day that the ScrumWorks Pro web client is better/faster/cooler? Then this release is for you.

The features are described in the links above, but here’s a little more depth on this release:

The ScrumWorks Pro 5 release brings a lot of new stuff to the web client. In fact, we focused most of our energy on revitalizing and expanding the web client. Why? Because most users are team members making updates to tasks, editing stories, and getting status.  The web client is a light, easy way to do just that.

We updated the look and feel. After much discussion, we settled on a light/white theme with blue links and buttons and orange highlights throughout. I think it looks a lot better than the old grey/black interface. Everything was re-written in the web client; the editors, layout, fonts, colors are all new.

Performance is greatly improved. When I say everything was re-written, I mean it. Under the covers we worked hard to support huge sprints with hundreds of tasks and large backlogs. I can’t think of another application that attempts javascript drag and drop with hundreds/thousands of drop targets. This apparently does a number on browser performance.

Browser support is expanded. We now support Chrome on top of Safari, Firefox, and Internet Explorer. Let’s be honest, some browsers are faster than others, and we’ve officially dropped IE6. For a detailed list of reqs, take a look at our docs.

Where do I get it?

For both new downloads and upgrades go here.  Remember that 10 users are now free.  There’s also an upcoming webinar and web-based training. Give it a whirl and let us know how we’re doing. We’re listening.

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