ScrumWorks Pro + Codesion = The Agile Cloud Platform

September 22, 2011 Guy Marion

Today we are pleased to announce the Beta availability of ScrumWorks Pro – the popular Agile Project Management solution – delivered from CollabNet’s Codesion Cloud platform. Try it out!

ScrumWorks Pro (SWP) is available to all Trial and Agile Business (formerly Professional Edition) customers. With the addition of SWP to the existing Codesion source code management and project management dev suite, we now have a well-rounded set of services that span from Subversion & Git source code management for personal projects, through to agile management applications used by thousands of small to mid-sized businesses.

About ScrumWorks Pro 

For months (even years), Codesion customers have been requesting an agile project management solution that would allow teams to manage all of your Scrum project and program needs, sprints, releases, product backlogs, with reporting and analytics. ScrumWorks Pro is a purpose built, intuitive web application that is augmented by a downloadable desktop client. Developed by thought leaders that have helped lead the broader industry adoption of Agile and scrum methodologies, ScrumWorks’s roots lie in a scrum training business. Like Codesion, ScrumWorks Pro joined the CollabNet family in 2010 through the acquisition of Danube. 

What does ScrumWorks Pro have to offer? 

  •  Enhanced Project and Agile Team Collaboration: Project management, release planning, team task boards, sprint task tracking, & product backlog
  •  Iterations Management: Define “sprints” of arbitrary length, transfer items from the product backlog to the spring backlog using drag-and-drop, managing tasks quickly
  •  Integrated role-based security: Configure SWP permissions directly through Codesion’s security system, as you do for SVN, Trac, or Bugzilla
  • Improved Visibility into your Agile Projects: Extensive reporting, forecasting and analytics; Real-time dashboards, ROI, velocity, burn-down & and burn-up charts.
  • Reporting and Analysis: Drive decision making with empirical data

How can I access ScrumWorks Pro?

ScrumWorks Pro can be trialed free for 30 days. From there, you will need to sign up for our new “Agile Business” plan. Note that the first 5 and 10 users are available in our two Starter Packs, which include access to ScrumWorks Pro, for reduced rates of $99/mo and $220/morespectively.

What else is coming from the Codesion Cloud Platform?

This is just the beginning. We have some major advancements planned for the near future that will significantly improve the experience of developing in and for the cloud- so watch this space! And as always, please drop your comments below – how can we improve?

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