Software Development Trends and Tools in Asia

March 6, 2013 dparker

Three key trends are having a profound impact on the global software development industry today- Agile software development, the emergence of DevOps, and Cloud-based development infrastructures. Legacy vendors have struggled to keep pace with these trends, giving rise to a new generation of paradigms and technologies. In the summer of 2012, CollabNet applied its strengths in open source, distributed development, social collaboration and hosted developer communities to address those drivers, resulting in a ground-breaking framework known as Enterprise Cloud Development.

The results have been positive, as enterprises have been quick to accept the logic behind the framework, and the tools and technologies that power it.

However, although those trends are felt globally, it is clear that adoption is uneven. My role, as the leader of CollabNet’s team in Asia, has brought this into focus, where I see differences not only with North America and EMEA, but indeed, amongst the territories themselves in Asia.

  • Agile adoption is becoming the de-facto standard for software development in the West, and indeed, it is widespread in Australia and India. Agile, particularly Scrum, is gaining ground rapidly in China and Korea.  However, adoption is not as fast in Japan.
  • Open source tools, like Subversion, Git, and Jenkins, dominate in Asia, as they do in the West. Adoption of Git is at least as strong in Asia as in the West, and we are seeing multiple organizations even replacing Subversion with Git. That is as expected, given where Git’s first markets were (mobile devices powered by Google Android) and the large manufacturing base in the region.  Legacy SCM tools vendors, like Rational and Serena, are rapidly losing mindshare and relevance.
  • DevOps, as an all-encompassing term, is still not as widely accepted in Asia. However, underlying technologies like continuous integration are becoming relatively commonplace. Continuous delivery however, is still in its infancy.


CollabNet and its partner in China, Emdoor Technology, are rolling out a 4-city seminar series later this month where we’ll explore each of these trends in the context of the Chinese software development market (Tweet This!). It is my hope that the session will inform us as much as it will inform those that attend.  If you happen to find yourself in Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen or Guangzhou in late March, we’d love to see you.


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