Spring 2019 Product Release

May 28, 2019 CollabNet VersionOne

Whoa! We realized today we’ve delivered two releases since we wrote anything about a release. Shame on us. As a quick catch-up, here is a summary of what has changed so far in 2019:

VersionOne added support for Saved Views and Portfolio Item Templates. The Portfolio Kanban board received new column and grouping options, and web panels are now available in Planning Rooms. We added configuration options to the Team Room and updated the Quick Add feature to work well when using Required Fields.

Continuum has a new Feature board that shows workitem progress by Feature. This is especially useful for customers using Jira or Azure Devops because it gives them a place to view feature maturity. There is now support for deferred activities and for SSO authentication.  The "pending page" now has smart filtering, more contextual information for each pending activity item, and notification support on the page. Finally, Continuum consumes VersionOne webhooks to keep workitem details up-to-date.

Ideas now supports SSO authentication, and users have more options when editing their profile.  This includes the ability to exercise their right to be forgotten using the new "delete profile" option, a key privacy requirement of the EU’s GDPR.

There are many other smaller changes and defect fixes.  You can read all about them in the release notes for Winter 2019  and Spring 2019.   You could also head over to our IdeaSpace instance to see some of the Ideas changes in action. While you’re there, feel free to vote on ideas or add one of your own. 

We are busy working on the Summer release now and hope to see you all at Agile 2019.

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