Sprint Scheduling in VersionOne

August 1, 2011 CollabNet VersionOne

One of the key planning considerations for any agile development project is the Sprint Schedule. The length and timing of Sprints is key to determining many of the other planning factors including estimating and velocity.

Within VersionOne, you can define as many Sprint Schedules as you need. You do this by going to Admin > Projects > Sprint Schedules and adding (or editing) Sprint Schedules as needed. Sprint length is defined here, and if there is any gap between the sprints.

One way to assign a project (or release) a Sprint Schedule is to go to the detail page of the Project and edit the properties. If there have been any backlog items or defects closed, or an epic scheduled in the project the Sprint Schedule will not be editable. New projects must be assigned a Sprint Schedule before adding sprints.

VersionOne supports teams using different Sprint Schedules. If you have different teams within a project on different schedules, the best practice is to define each team as a sub-project so the different schedules can be assigned as needed. Some teams want different schedules if they share one product owner.

You can roll up the information for multiple releases/projects and sprints if they share the same schedule. Once the Sprint Schedule is defined, the team can begin planning the sprint, and get ready to start the process of delivering high quality software.

For more information on Sprint Schedules, check out the video on our Community Site:

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