Strides in Federated ALM-Mahindra Satyam and TeamForge 7.0 to the Rescue

June 13, 2013 dparker

The software development community has struggled over the years with the debate between best-in-class tools versus integrated all-in-one suites. Evidence is showing that at least at this point in time, a hybrid seems to be winning out. That hybrid approach allows organizations (or teams within those organizations) to choose best in class point tools, while running those tools on a common framework that delivers some or all of the benefits of an integrated suite.

Two things need to be considered:

  • The underlying software development framework must embrace multiple tools, multiple methodologies, and be ready to support geographically distributed teams. Artifacts and data must not only be passed between the tools, traceability and visibility must be part of the solution.
  • There is a need for services partly to help wire those best in class components together, but perhaps just as importantly, to define development process and practice that takes full advantage of their capabilities.

Gartner on Application Development

CollabNet is making huge strides in both of these areas:

  • CollabNet’s TeamForge 7.0 with Orchestrate provides the world’s most capable solution for Federated ALM. The new release delivers traceability of development and delivery pipelines across disparate tools, locations, teams, and methodologies. Where off-the-shelf integrations are not available, the CollabNet Connector Framework facilitates a facility to federate and orchestrate tools in any cloud.
  • The recent announcement of CollabNet’s partnership with the global systems integrator Mahindra Satyam promises to help address challenge for high quality, cost effective services that will help enterprises get the most from the tools that they choose. Few SI’s can match the expertise or reach of Mahindra Satyam in the development and delivery of complex application lifecycle management and DevOps solutions.


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