SubConf Day 1

October 14, 2008 CollabNet VersionOne

There was bona fide Subversion craziness in the land of Oktoberfest. The core Subversion developers got together to address the future roadmap of Subversion. And the conference hotel begins to take on a decidedly CollabNet flavor. Follow along with the Subversion Developer Summit at the svn-summit project and live-blogging streams. See below for some photos.

See the flags of CollabNet flying high outside.

This greets all visitors to the hotel.

Subversion devs get together at the Subversion Developer Summit and do what they do best: hack Subversion. The SVN developer summit is going strong. Follow our progress here:

Img_0090jpgresize Entrance to the CollabNet lounge

markphip, gstein and cmpilato belly up to the bar.

At the Subversion Roundtable. Scores of attendees filed in to hear about the latest and greatest from the core Subversion developers. There was lots of discussion about tree conflicts, restricted access, and the working copy library rewrite.

Check back here for more news from SubConf

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