Subversion 1.4.6 AIX Binaries Available

January 14, 2008 CollabNet VersionOne

Sometimes finding open source software for AIX can be a pain. Finding binaries is hard enough, and then they might be out of date. Subversion binaries for AIX have suffered this fate until now and I am proud to announce the availability of Subversion 1.4.6 AIX binaries, a free download from openCollabNet.

These new AIX binaries are a complete Subversion 1.4.6 installation. The server includes support for all repository data stores and all repository access layers. The binaries even ship with Apache 2.2.x modules and the Python language bindings.

You’ll notice the binaries do not include the Java, Perl or Ruby bindings. Due to the complexity of building these, we’ve decided not to ship them in our initial release. The AIX binaries are currently maintained as a community effort, so feel free to join the effort to make the download more complete. If you are interested, visit the AIX section of the SVNbinaries project on openCollabNet. The SVNbinaries project is also where you can find more information on the AIX binaries, like the build instructions and the README. Lastly, the SVNbinaries project is where you can submit feedback and requests, and even get community support.


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