Subversion 1.4.6 — New Packaging for Linux

January 7, 2008 Mark Phippard

Just as we were heading out on our break for the holidays, the Subversion team issued a maintenance release for 1.4. We have refreshed our CollabNet Subversion packaging to include this release and as of today you can download it for Linux and Solaris. Windows should be available later this week.

A list of fixes in the 1.4.6 release can be viewed here in the CHANGES file. Quite a number of bug fixes were made in the process of producing Subversion 1.5 and it was time to backport the more significant fixes and issue a new 1.4.x release.

If you have followed the packages CollabNet issued for the Subversion 1.5 merge tracking beta program, then you might already be aware that we have revamped our CollabNet Subversion packaging for Linux:

  • The build now uses shared libraries. Previously we used a static build as we thought that would make it easier to support multiple Linux distros. It turns out that doing a shared library build works just as well (and is needed for the rest of what we are doing).
  • We now have a new “extras” RPM that includes ViewVC, which is integrated into our server configuration script. When configuring a server with the “Extras” RPM installed (and using the Apache server option), you will get a simple Yes/No question asking if you want to have ViewVC installed.
  • To support ViewVC, the Extras RPM includes the Subversion bindings for Python. This means you should be able to use hook scripts that require these bindings.
  • The client RPM now includes the JavaHL bindings. We will take advantage of this when 1.5 is released and we release our GUI merge client.

We had planned on switching to this new packaging when Subversion 1.5 releases. However, since the shared library build process resolves some problems that users have had with our static builds, we decided to make these changes now.

The Solaris and Windows packaging remains the same for this release but will include similar changes when we release CollabNet Subversion 1.5.

Update January 8th: CollabNet Subversion 1.4.6 for Windows is now also posted in the downloads section.


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