Subversion 1.4.6 Universal OS X Binaries Available

February 11, 2008 CollabNet VersionOne

New Subversion 1.4.6 Universal binaries for Mac OS X are now available for download from openCollabNet.  Compared to my 1.4.4 release, there are some changes based on feedback from users worth mentioning:

Project Packaging

The package of the binary has changed. The 1.4.4 release installed everything in /usr/local which made the package difficult to uninstall. The 1.4.6+ package installs Subversion into /opt/subversion for easy management and coexistence with other installations. The 1.4.4 packaging also included unnecessary files like header files. While my intentions were good, the delivery wasn’t and I removed all developer-centric files from the binary. The reason for this is two fold: It makes life easier for Subversion developers and it makes the package smaller. These changes do not impact the functionality of the binary.

Previous Package Backups

When packaging a binary, many things come into play when it comes to installation.  Do I overwrite existing artifacts with my own?  Do I remove previous artifacts? Etc. The 1.4.6+ installer installs Subversion in a non-destructive fashion. The idea is to make the existing environment ideal for installation while allowing for easy rollback of the installation.  That said, the 1.4.6+ installer “backs up” any existing Subversion installations found in /usr/local and /opt/subversion to a documented location allowing for an easy way to keep old installations around for whatever the reason may be.

Other than these two items, the binary delivers the same great taste as before.  For those of you that didn’t install the previous package, here is a short summary of all features of this installer:

  • Installation is a fully-featured Subversion 1.4.6 installation
  • Installation is Universal so you can run on any OSX-supported architecture (Intel and PPC)
  • Installation includes both repository data stores (Berkeley DB and FSFS)
  • Installation includes all repository network access layers (DAV and SVN)
  • Installation includes all language bindings maintained by the Subversion project (Java, Perl, Python and Ruby)
  • Installation includes Apache server modules (2.2.x)

As with previous releases of this binary, the svnbinaries project on openCollabNet is the place for feedback, bugs and questions.

Special thanks go to pr3d4t0r for helping with testing and pakacging on an Intel-Mac.

P.S. – There are many of you requesting Subversion 1.5.0 beta builds for OSX.  Now that I have the 1.4.6 binary out of the way, I will work on getting 1.5.0 beta binaries out within the next week or so.

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