Subversion 1.5 RC5

May 7, 2008 Mark Phippard

Earlier this week, the Subversion community issued an RC5 release with the latest round of fixes. As we have done with previous releases, CollabNet is providing binaries for Windows, Linux, OSX and Solaris. The CollabNet Merge client and Subclipse have both been updated as well.

Here is a list of some of the noteworthy fixes I see (in order they were backported):

  • r30741
    Fix bug whereby ‘svn status –depth=files’ still showed some dirs.
  • r30743, r30751
    Fix memory leak in recursive remote propget.
  • r30776, r30777, r30779
    svndumpfilter drops mergeinfo when it is *not* run with –renumber-revs.
  • r30666, r30684, r30726
    Fix for issue 3181. Compare repository UUID with working copy when opening RA session
  • r30761, r30762
    Fix for issue 3172. ‘log -g’ fails the moment it encounters a bogus mergeinfo which claims a merge from a non-existentpath@REV1-REV2.
  • r30820
    Fix pool issue which definitely can lead to assertion failures in reintegrate, and quite possibly to other mergeinfo corruption.
  • r30868, r30871
    In svnserve, tolerate unreadable passwd files. Don’t error over svn+ssh:// when the user can’t read passwd.
  • r30843
    Fix abort in ra_serf when server sends invalid xml during replay.
  • r30907
    Fix for issue 3185. Fix the ‘log –limit’ compatability code in ra_svn, ra_serf, and ra_neon to ignore nested logs when in ‘-g’ mode.
  • r30883, r30888
    Fix issue 3187. Fix reverse merges where merge target or subtree has non-inheritable revision ranges intersecting with the merged range.
  • r30931
    Remove ‘blind deletion of argument to mkdir –parents’, delete only if this invocation has created it.
  • r30896, r30905
    Make Cyrus SASL client support DIGEST-MD5.
  • r30986
    Fix potential segfault in svn_io_remove_dir2(path=’.’).
  • r29191, r29398, r29833, r30663, r30963, r30964
    Improve the responsiveness and accuracy of ‘svn log -g’.

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