Subversion 1.5 RPMs for 64-bit Linux

July 16, 2008 Mark Phippard

We have had a lot of people request that we provide RPMs for 64-bit Linux.  As of today, you can now download those RPMs from our Subversion "community" downloads section:

CollabNet hosts two kinds of Subversion downloads.  Our "CollabNet Subversion" binaries and "Community" binaries.  The CollabNet Subversion binaries are built and certified by CollabNet and we provide commercial support and SLA’s for those binaries.  The community binaries are essentially binaries we have created but have not certified and we do not provide any SLA for them.  We certainly provide help in our discussion forums and we have even made changes to the binaries in the past based on comments we receive from the community.

We do intend to add 64-bit Linux support to our official CollabNet Subversion binaries.  We just are not ready to do so yet.  Once we add a package to CollabNet Subversion it falls under the SLA we provide our customers, and so we cannot add a package until we are ready to provide that level of support.  In the case of 64-bit Linux we have to make sure the necessary hardware is in place, in sufficient quantity, across all areas of the company that need access to it in order to provide our SLA to our customers.

CollabNet engineering has been preparing 64-bit RPMs since early in the Subversion 1.5 development lifecycle, and we of course did so when 1.5.0 was released last month. With so many users requesting 64-bit binaries, we have been looking for a way to deliver these RPMs to the users that need them.  The community download site gives us this opportunity, just as it did when we wanted to provide the community with binaries for OSX.

The RPMs carry the branding of CollabNet Subversion and are identical in packaging to our 32-bit RPMs.  Again, this is because we are preparing for the day when they will be added to our officially certified packages.  If you are experiencing any problems or difficulties with the packages, please post to our discussion forum.

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