Subversion 1.7.5 Released

May 17, 2012 Mark Phippard

The Simplify Apache™ Subversion® project has announced the latest release of Subversion.  The 1.7.5 release is a bug fix release and you can download the latest binaries now.  As always, Subversion Edge users can update their server to the latest version of the binaries easily by visiting the Software Updates page in the Subversion Edge web console.

It has been a couple of months since the last release of Subversion, so this release includes a number of fixes.  Here is the information from the CHANGES:

Version 1.7.5
(17 May 2012, from /branches/1.7.x)

User-visible changes:
– Client- and server-side bugfixes:

* http: report deleted-revision upon delete during update (r1327474)

– Client-side bugfixes:
* avoid potential segfault when canonicalizing properties (r1296369)
* improve memory and file-handle management with externals (issue #4130)
* serf: convert assertions to “MERGE failed” errors (r1302417)
* fix undefined behaviour during multi-segment reverse merges (issue #4144)
* fix potential use of already freed memory during diff operation (r1311935)
* improve performance of scan for the working copy root (r1306334)
* cmdline: fix segfault during ‘svn diff’ argument processing (r1311702)
* fix regression from 1.6 in update with –depth option (issue #4136)
* propset: avoid undefined behaviour in error path (r1325361)
* reset sqlite statements, partly for sqlite-3.7.11 compat (r1328846, et al)
* fix assertion during ‘svn diff -r BASE:HEAD ^/trunk’ (issue #4161)
* notify upon ‘update’ just removing locks on files (r1329876)
* neon: fix potential use of freed memory during commits (r1329388)
* ‘status –xml’ doesn’t show repository deletes correctly (issue #4167)
* fix assert on svn:externals with drive letter on Windows (issue #4073)
* fix ‘svn update –depth=empty’ against 1.4 servers (issue #4046)
* handle missing svn:date reported by svnserve gracefully (r1306111)
* fix merges which first add a subtree and then delete it (issue #4166)
* fix a regression with checkout of file externals (issue #4087)
* don’t add spurious mergeinfo to subtrees in edge-case merge (issue #4169)
* improve performance of status on large working copies (issue #4178)

– Server-side bugfixes:
* fix non-fatal FSFS corruption bug with concurrent commits (issue #4129)
* mod_dav_svn: raise an error on MERGE of non-existent resource (r1298343)
* mod_dav_svn: support compiling/running under httpd-2.4 (r1232267)
* mod_dav_svn: forbid BDB repositories under httpd’s event MPM (issue #4157)

– Other tool improvements and bugfixes:
* emacs support: updates to dsvn.el and vc-svn.el (r1200896, et al)

Developer-visible changes:
– General:

* windows example distribution scripts: include svnrdump (r1295007)
* fix running the test suite with jsvn (r1335555)

– Bindings:
* swig-py tests: avoid FAILs on APR hash order (r1296137, r1292248)
* swig-rb tests: avoid FAILs on APR hash order (r1310535, r1310594)
* swig-pl: Improved perl detection in (r1291797, r1291810)


* Apache, Apache Subversion and the Subversion logo are trademarks of the Apache Software Foundation. Subversion® is a registered trademark of the Apache Software Foundation.

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