Subversion 1.7 – Almost There!

July 13, 2011 Mark Phippard

Big news today as we created the branch for the Apache Subversion 1.7 release.  This is a significant milestone as it means we will be issuing the first Release Candidate relatively soon. Development has been feature complete for over a month now and we have just been stamping out the last bugs.  There are no longer any bugs defined as release blockers and so the branch has been created to start the final release process.

We have issued three alpha releases over the last month. The source code and binary packages are available if you want to try these out and provide feedback.  We will be issuing a beta release from the 1.7 branch sometime this week and then will hopefully issue the first release candidate soon after.  The alpha and beta releases allow us to work through any bugs in our release scripts, but they are also good opportunities to get feedback from users.

I am personally working towards having a release of Subclipse posted that works with the Beta binaries. TortoiseSVN and AnkhSVN are already providing releases on a daily basis.

The 1.7 process has been long (too long), but it is finally nearing an end. We look forward to getting all of the improvements it brings into the hands of our users.  Please try these releases out and send your feedback to the Apache Subversion community. Obviously report bugs, but getting positive feedback is also helpful as it lets us know people have tried it.

A draft of the Release Notes for Subversion 1.7 is available on the Apache Subversion website.

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