Subversion at the 2008 World Economic Forum

January 26, 2008 subversionupdates

Many of you know Brian Behlendorf. Brian is the co-founder of the Apache project and also the co-founder of CollabNet. He founded our company in 1999 together with Tim O’Reilly and our current CEO, Bill Portelli. It was Brian who realized that CollabNet needed something more robust than CVS for its globally distributed development platform and he took the initiative to start a new open source version control project. Early 2000, CollabNet contacted Karl Fogel, the author of “Open Source Development with CVS” and asked if he’d like to work on this project. Coincidently, Karl was already discussing a design for a new version control system with his friend Jim Blandy, who had come up with a name: Subversion. The rest is history and well-known; so why am I writing this?

Brian is one of the most influential open source advocates and he is currently participating in the World Economic Forum in Davos (for the second time actually). Brian is still with CollabNet, as a board member, and he writes a daily dispatch from Davos for our web site. Since many of you know Brian, I wanted to invite you to his writings from Switzerland; it’s a great read and you get direct insights into this highly important event

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