Subversion community still #1

January 6, 2011 Jack Repenning

In newly published research focused on “Java in the Cloud,” Saugatuck Technology (registration required) have found

The CollabNet Platform is the most widely used platform for distrubted software development, and Subversion is the most popular source code management system across all languages, including Java.”

This confirms earlier research, such as The Eclipse Foundation’s Open Source Developer Report for 2010, and the Forrester Wave ™  on SCM, and confirmed later also by Forrester.

While, as the Apache Subversion Roadmap shows, there’s still work to be done (and being done), clearly there’s something or other pretty powerful, pretty effective, pretty cool, and pretty popular about Subversion!

Congratulations to the community: users, contributors, committers and all!

Pie chart showing Subversion chosen by 58%

Subversion picked as "primary SCM" by 58%

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