Subversion merge made easy

September 17, 2007 Mark Phippard

It has been a busy few months for the Subversion engineering team at CollabNet and the Subversion community in general. As we detailed in many posts this summer, the entire team is hard at work on Subversion 1.5, specifically the merge tracking feature. 

Back in the spring we started the Merge Tracking Early Adopter Program on openCollabNet. We wanted to make it as easy as possible to get people to try early versions of the merge tracking code and provide feedback to CollabNet and the Subversion community. The program has been pretty successful and provided some valuable feedback that was incorporated into the merge tracking deliverables for Subversion 1.5. Last week we refreshed the Subversion 1.5 Beta binaries on the merge tracking site to a more recent version in order to spawn a new round of testing. If you have not already downloaded them, please download them and give them a try. It is not too late to help the community deliver the 1.5 release.

The title of this post is "Subversion merge made easy" and that brings me to an announcement of sorts. While all of the work on Subversion 1.5 has been going on, another team at CollabNet has been working on a new GUI merge client for Subversion. Today we are releasing a beta version of this client as part of the Merge Tracking Early Adopter Program. A lot of work went into this client and there are many features. Rather than listing them here, let me instead link to the documentation on the merge tracking site.  The documents explain how to install the client and give an in depth overview of its features. I encourage you to download the client and give it a try. Use the forum of the merge tracking project to provide feedback, ask questions, report problems etc. If you try the client, you will automatically also test the Subversion 1.5 merge tracking feature, which can only help to accelerate its release.

Finally, since we are talking about merge and making it easier, I just want to also mention an upcoming webinar that is being presented by two of my colleagues at CollabNet — Bob Jenkins and Auke Jilderda. They have both contributed a lot of ideas and feedback to the merge tracking feature as well as assisted in putting together the merge tracking early adopter program on openCollabNet. Their webinar is sure to be stocked with valuable insights on branching and merging in Subversion.

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