Subversion Visual Studio Integration Guide

December 1, 2009 CollabNet VersionOne

MS Visual StudioThis is a guide to help you get started integrating Subversion with Visual Studio and connecting it to a Codesion hosted Subversion repository. Codesion uses a popular Visual Studio plugin called AnkhSVN to bring the power of Subversion version control to developers working in the Microsoft Visual Studio environment. Below the video is a written step-by-step guide.

This guide was written for Visual Studio 2010.

Step 1:

Install AnkhSVN

a) Go to the Downloads page and download AnkhSVN

b) Run the Downloaded Installer

c) Open up Visual Studio

Step 2:

Create a Codesion project and add the Subversion service.

Step 3:

Add Visual Studio to Codesion Subversion Account

a) Open Visual Studio 2010 and browse to the solution/project that you wish to add to your subversion enabled Codesion account. Once the solution/project is open, select the solution/project from the Solution Explorer, right click and select “Add Solution to Subversion”.

adding solution to Subversion

Fig 1:  Adding your solution to Subversion

b) Enter in the Subversion URL (fig 3) to your repository you created in Step 1. To locate your repository URL (fig 2), login to the Codesion admin site and click on Projects -> Select your project -> Copy the Subversion URL under the project quickview heading. If you don’t see the Subversion URL, then make sure you’ve added the Subversion service to your Codesion project.

locate Subversion URL

Fig 2: locating your Subversion URL in the Codesion admin site

adding Subversion URL MS Visual Studio

Fig 3: adding your Subversion URL to Visual Studio

c) Enter your username and password and click OK.

d) Enter your commit message

Fig 4: Final step in connecting Visual Studio

e) You can now see that all the files have the subversion lock status icons against the files that were added to your repository from the previous step.

Enjoy your coding!

Further reading: For more information relating to the usage of the AnkhSVN plug-in for Visual Studio, see the AnkhSVN documentation.

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