TeamForge 6.1 has arrived

June 27, 2011 Lothar Schubert

Few days ago, CollabNet started shipping the newest release of our flagship product, TeamForge 6.1.  Don’t be fooled by the “.1” release name – this is actually a major release for CollabNet, and even more so for our customers.

Loaded with new features, TeamForge 6.1 was engineered with the “enterprise customer” in mind. Our goal was simple: Enable companies to effectively scale Agile and hybrid development practices across (and beyond) their organizations, and (as a result) deliver great software to their business, faster.

Engage the EnterpriseAdoption of Agile is growing at a solid speed. A live survey conducted in our recent TechRepublic Webcast showed that 26% of practitioners already have adopted Agile (or a hybrid), and 52% are in the piloting or planning stage. Those numbers are pretty consistent with industry research.

However, the victory march from work-group to enterprise is a thorny one. This is especially the case as teams are dispersed globally and as processes become inclusive of build, test and application release. Complicating matters further, it’s quite common to find a plethora of methodologies deployed in an enterprise at any time. (In fact, per Forrester Research, the hybrid “water-scrum-fall” processes are more the norm than the exception.).

Common questions asked:

  • How can we maintain tight communication and transparency, and build trust, as teams disperse?
  • How do we ensure that dev tools and repository landscapes stay manageable… and perform well?
  • How can we ensure process governance, compliance and security – without hampering innovation?

Unless scale is managed effectively, Agile becomes a victim of its own success.  Scaling requires automation of common tasks, close alignment of stakeholders, transparency and oversight, and lastly a scalable infrastructure.

That’s where TeamForge 6.1 comes into play.

TeamForge 6.1 is the single ‘unified’ progression of both, TeamForge 5.4 and TeamForge 6.0. That means, with the latest release most customers not only will see brand-new features, but also in addition get the ‘best of both worlds’ of TeamForge 5.4 and 6.0, in terms of proven functionality and codified best industry practices.

TeamForge 6.1 enables the adoption of Agile (and hybrid) methods from work-groups to enterprises by automating governance for large-scale communities, by providing resources that enable social coding, and by offering enterprise-grade tools like a brand-new & scalable reporting framework. In addition, TeamForge 6.1 dramatically speeds Subversion file and code sharing.

Key features of TeamForge 6.1:

  • Subversion replication, for rapid file access from anywhere
  • A brand-new reporting and metrics framework
  • Project micro-sites, that can be branded and populated individually, while governed centrally
  • Rich features for social coding, including new JSP wikis, vital discussion forum enhancements, RSS feeds etc.
  • Integration with more clients and IDE’s, now also including Microsoft Outlook
  • Rock-solid security and simplified role and site management

We will discuss those features in greater detail at a later time in this blog.  In the meantime, I’d encourage you to check out our web site, or simply download and install the software. Oh, and by the way, TeamForge is now available for free, for up to 10 users.

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