TeamRoom = Ease of Navigation, Ease of Switching Projects, Ease of Use

June 11, 2013 CollabNet VersionOne

In the Fall 12 Release we introduced the revolutionary TeamRoom that has been generating tons of positive feedback.  There are many areas where the TeamRoom provides value, and in this post I’ll be diving into a couple of those.

  1. Ease of use for Development Teams to get in the application and start working
  2. Navigation to work on other different projects is a breeze

Let’s start off with the first point.  Before TeamRoom users had to determine which Project level they were at in order to get to the right board views.  We received feedback from Product Owners and ScrumMasters stating it would help if the team could get into the application and just start working right away.  As everyone knows, “the customer is always right.”  Our release in the Fall provided a solution to this request.  Upon login the user can navigate to the My TeamRooms dropdown and start working within 2 click.

“2 clicks you say? We really like that!”

Team Members no longer have to worry about navigating throughout the Project Hierarchy before rolling up their sleeves.

The second point goes hand in hand with what we just talked about.  Say you’re Andre, a Team Member, working in zen within your TeamRoom.  Andre is currently in a TeamRoom where the process is Scrum.  Andre finishes some tasks and is now ready to tackle work in another TeamRoom that’s following more of a Kanban approach.  Andre simply hovers over the My TeamRooms dropdown and navigates to his other TeamRoom to continue his productivity for the day.

Want to be like Andre?  Learn more about the TeamRoom and try it out yourself!


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