Tech talk: Upgrades to Trac

May 12, 2009 Guy Marion

We’re happy to announce that we recently implemented the upgrade of popular integrated wiki and issue tracking tool Trac to version 0.11.4, which applies to accounts on the new FrogSAFE platform. The upgrade from 0.10.3 includes a number of enhancements and features that customers should find very useful, including:

  • a configurable workflow in the ticket subsystem
  • an improved user preferences subsystem, which includes the ability for any user to select their time zone and disable access keys
  • improvements to wiki usability, including ability to handle conflicts in case of concurrent edits
  • an improved repository browser, including in-place expansion of folders, and much more.

For details on all changes included in the Trac 0.11.4 upgrade, head to The Trac Project site. Otherwise, enjoy!

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