The 3 Best Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe) Resources for Beginners

September 20, 2016 Lee Cunnigham

3 Best Scaled Agile Framework SAFe Resources

Do you need to get up to speed on SAFe? Here are the three best agile resources for quickly learning what SAFe is all about.

1- Scaled Agile Framework Website

The site includes a graphical representation of the framework, with clickable links to describe the details. This site also provides access to the principles that underlie SAFe, a glossary, and explanatory videos. Click this link to check it out.

2- From Projects to Value Streams Video

Organizing around value streams instead of projects is a big change for most organizations. Watch Dean Leffingwell, Scaled Agile, Inc. co-founder and chief methodologist, explain what a value stream is, how to manage it, and what it means for your delivery organization. Click this link to check it out.

3- Indispensable Elements of SAFe Webinar Recording

What does a SAFe implementation mean for your organization? View this webinar to hear Alex Yakyma SAFe fellow and principal consultant at Scaled Agile, Inc. explain which elements of SAFe are indispensable, and which ones you can adjust in your SAFe implementation. Click this link to check it out.


These three resources will give you a good introductory understanding of SAFe. If you’re serious about moving forward with SAFe in your organization, you’ll probably want to invest in some targeted SAFe training and coaching.  One more thing to strongly consider is that in the State of Agile survey of 3,900 people, the number one factor for successfully scaling agile was consistent process and practices. The second factor was implementing a common tool across your enterprise.

The VersionOne Enterprise Agile Platform provides a single platform for implementing consistent process and practices. Click this link to learn how VersionOne helps organizations successfully implement SAFe.

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