The Dude Abides No More- Say Hello to Codesion!

February 1, 2010 Guy Marion

As of February 1, 2010, we are excited to announce that CVSDude is now Codesion – “Bringing cohesion to code control.” Feel free to check out our name change comic, the first few frames of which are shown above. This comic paints a picture of our history, our growth, and our long-debated decision to move beyond CVSDude.

Codesion ushers the next phase of our growth, which will expand from Subversion hosting (and CVS/Trac/Bugzilla/DAV) to a range of software development services, all of which are centrally managed from the FrogSAFE Platform. 

Picking the Right Name

After weighing up many different names, we opted to invent a new word – Codesion. We considered three primary criteria in selecting this name. First, we did not want to be tied to a particular technology (i.e. SVN, CVS, SCM, git, etc)- long a concern we’ve faced with the name ‘CVSDude’ (yes, 95% of our customers use SVN, not CVS). Second, we wanted it short and sweet – seven characters or less is considered a best practice, and although Codesion is eight characters, we felt it was close enough. Finally, we sought a name that did link back to code, software, or a related technical aspect, while still being catchy and fun.

With Codesion, we have satisfied all three – and the Frog is still included in our logo, just slimmed down. This represents our strategic shift into high value yet “slimmed down”, on-demand Enterprise class solutions.

What happens next?

In the coming weeks, all areas of our online presence(s) will switch from CVSDude to Codesion – including the Community Help Center, our Blog, Server Status Reporting, and all of our reply email addresses.

Customers repository URLs will not be affected by this name change in any way – nor will your use of the system in any way. Please do not change your repository URLs when checking out CVSDude-hosted repositories. Any eventual changes we make in repository URL syntax will be fully backwards compatible with CVSDude.

We hope you like “Codesion” – please tell us what you think below!

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